Feb. 5th, 2006

roverandom: (black snape matrix by kiwi28)
taken from [livejournal.com profile] neytaritook

Put itune whatever player you have on random and answer the questions with the song titles...in chronological order. You can't pick which one sounds best for the question (that's what I did anyway).

Where do you live: "Blue Orchid" - The White Stripes
Describe your first love: "Anduril" - Howard Shore O.o
What is your favourite thing to do: "John Woo" - The Newsboys (Oh dear...I do not believe I've ever "done" John Woo before. I haven't even met the guy)
Describe your current love/crush: "Father, Blessed Father" - Newsboys (Oh dear, this is wrong on SO MANY levels)
What do you like to wear: "interlude" - relient k (I wonder if that's supposed to be a euphemism for "in-the-nude")
What is your challenge: "All You Want" - Dido (hmm...)
Who are your friends: "Finale" - Danny Elfman (they're all dead??? *sobs*)
Describe how you look: "Red Hot Metal" - The Wicked Tinkers (yeah baby!)
What did you do last night: "Sacrifice" - Tree63
What is your goal in life: "Worldwide" - Tree63
What do you do when you're angry: "Sparks" - Coldplay (yeah that's right....be scared)
When do you have sex: "Secret" - Fruit's Basket Soundtrack
How do you want to die: "Come My Way" - Skillet (so I guess that means you kill me or something)
What do you say to your parents: "Pilgrim" - Enya
Where do you hang out: "Brand New Colony" - Postal Service (LOL!)
What do you think of society: "Two Sisters" - Clannad
Describe your most recent heartbreak: "Wallop the Cat" - the Wicked Tinkers (LOL)
What is your excuse for everything: "Need" - the Benjamin Gate
What are your thoughts on a Friday evening: "Hallelujah" - Newsboys (damn straight!)
What is your unanswered question about life: "I Don't Belong" - Kevin Max (and I suppose a question mark would follow that statement)
What is your favourite colour: "Mother Africa" - Hans Zimmer
What is your advice to the those less experienced: "Lift Me Up" - The Supertones
What would you rather do right now: "Take My Hand" - Dido
Describe your best friend: "Coming Down" - Skillet (aw sad)
What's under your bed: "Cornelius" - Newsboys (LOL)
What is your most prized possession: "Forsaken" - Skillet
Where will you honeymoon: "Sooner or Later" - Switchfoot (I'm an undecisive person)
What is on your to-do list: "Somewhere a Clock is Ticking" - Snow Patrol
Where would you rather be: "Universe" - Rebecca St. James (Yeah, but which one??)


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