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20 April:

The music last night at O'Donahue's was excellent: there was a guitarist, a guy playing the uillean pipes and then one of those hand drum players -- I don't know what the drum is called (the infamous Brian told me what it was later but I forgot again): it's small and roundish and you hav ethat little wooden barbell thingy to bang on it. Anyway, I really liked the music: it's so easy to just get lost in it and space out. The old guy who sat really close to the band must have thought so as well: he was really quiet, except at certain parts where he'd clap his hands together once and make a "woo!" sound, usually throwing back his shoulders at the same time, as if he was shivering involuntarily. He had a fisherman's/bucket hat on and had bleach white hair (both on his head and his moustache). The musicians were interesting too -- so engrossed in their playing. The Uillean pipe guy had a wandering eye it seemed that scanned the room in a certain formation and then went back to its center starting position where he'd close his eyes for a moment before repeating the same roving pattern. Maybe his eyes were on auto pilot.
Today we went up to Howth (eventually...we got off at the wrong station and had to wait 20 min for another train to come by): it was really pretty -- the sun was just coming out. Howth faces both the Irish Sea and Dublin Bay. We walked around the spot facing the Irish Sea (figure 1): there was this teeny little island with an interesting rock formation (figure 2) not far from the beach. Someone also put in some rocks or wood off the beach that looked like the famous Nessie photo (figure 3). I thought this was hysterical.

1 2 3
We walked to a small cafe and ate lunch, not before being stopped by a two-toothed old Irish man who wanted to know what Kirsten was filming. The men are very friendly here, and apparently have had their guinness already, possibly for breakfast, because this guy gave the beginnings of a strip tease before he walked off when he realized he was on camera. Sara remarked that maybe all old Irish men think that home videos equal porn videos. It was probably just the guinness though. At the end of our time at Howth, we walked up to one of the lighthouses and I took this awesome picture of Sara:

Saw the book of Kells too, which was a bit overpriced, but still cool. Now we're at the Brazen Head (the oldest pub in Ireland: figure 4) and are just chillin'. I really like its atmosphere. Btw, apparently "calming traffic ahead" means "speed bumps ahead." O rly? They are calming?
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19 April

Yes, it is still the 19th, but now it's about 9pm or so and I'm sitting in the coolest pub ever: O'Donoghue's. It's where the Dubliners got started and where the Chieftains played a lot, I think. It's got the coolest atmosphere -- all woody and homey feeling, like your grandpa's favorite hang out, or osmething out of a poem that romanticizes the whole pub lifestyle/culture. I can definitely feel the music here, sort of like it's embedded in the walls that are dark and heavy with so much smoke and whisps of beer that have accumulated over the years. There's a lot of memorabilia on the walls -- so much so that I had to check to see what the actual wall was made of. I've decided it's like being in a 3-D scrapbook. There are these benches at the back covered with flannel looking material. I sat on one and was surprised to find it was hard: I was expecting springs. Well, I am no longer a Guinness virgin -- I had my first half pint at the Bull and Castle by Christchurch Cathedral and it wasn't as strong or bitter as I was expecting, though I don't think I could have had more than a half pint. Kirsten is on her third of the evening and she's fine -- she fits righ tin because, as she said, Guinness truly is the drink of Ireland. Everyone has one (or two) at their table. Soon, there should be some live Irish music playing, but they could be late. I just want to see any live traditional music.
Ok, so it took me kind of awhile to find my way to Kirsten. I sort of wandered around Dublin and took pictures and then tried to call her at random intervals. When I finally got a hold of her and met up, we went out walking again and ended up at St. Patrick's Cathedral. I got the cutest picture of this girl swinging in front of it (figure 1).

And here's a picture of grafton street...the guy is playing the fiddle.


Apr. 24th, 2006 06:30 pm
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19 April:

Yesterday was really fun: we got to see a cute English village with the old Georgian style brick buildings. Haworth is its name, and it was the home town of the Bronte sisters. Their house is now a museum, and the whole little town is centered around the fame they garnered (for example, we ate in the Villette cafe and bakery; I had my first fish and chips since I had been in England -- they didn't taste too different from American fish and chips, but they were still good). The Parsonage where Mr. Bronte preached at looked like it was right out of a Bronte or Dickens novel -- the courtyard/grounds were literally littered with old stone graves (Figures 1,2,and 3)
1 2 3
But unlike the ones in Leeds or York, there were no modern stores or restaurants aroudn them. I think that was one of the most impressionable things about England to me: just how much the old is set in contrast with the new and emerging. It's so strange. There's this one old Neo-Gothic church next to the Parkinson building (I think) in Leeds that is a nightclub. I asked if it was a goth nightclub, but apparently it's just a regular one. So weird. In Haworth, we walked along the footpath in the fields and saw the edge of the moors (figures 4 and 5) which had some smallish shrubbery on them. For some reason I thought the Moors were rock. Don't ask me why.
4 5
There were sheep and two horses in the fields and the horses were very friendly. I wonder what breed they were; they had really thick coats (figures 6, 7, and 8).
6 7 8
Also wandered around the small town: the streets were cobblestone! I almost fell down from walking on them, though. England seems to be the prime place for used books -- we went into a lot of bookstores with both old and new books, but a lot of them were overpriced. The best used bookstore was in York, though I didn't get anything because I have little room in which to pack it. I did get two framed old advertisement/postcards for Haleigh (dang, now she knows what it is haha). I think they'd go well with her London sign in her bathroom. Oh, and to end this entry, I will post a picture of me sitting on the stone wall because I wanted to sit on it (it was very uncomfortable), and also will post pictures of the awesome steam train ride that we went on in order to get to Haworth:

This is the train we went on.

The view from the train and a mini stonehenge someone had made!


Apr. 24th, 2006 06:12 pm
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17 April:

Went to York today. Wow. I've just done a lot of walking this trip. IT's good for me; I've probably lost about 5 lbs (I hope), but then I definitely gained some by eating the traditional English breakfast at this cafe called Bailey's. It was facing the wall that the Anglo Saxons built to try to keep out the Vikings (Figure A and B). That definitely did not work.
It's cool becasue there are some parts of the wall that are built over Roman fortifications, dated back to about 300 AD! We walked along part of the wall (Figure A and B above and C below) and there's just nothing like that experience in the US.
But then I almost feel that Britain's history is so old, and so recked with turmoil and disgrace (maybe not as much as other places, but still...) that I think the land is very weary of it. I wonder if the buildings are more reminders of that weary past than of something to ogle at. I ogle anyway, because it's so different. York Minister (Figures D, E, and F) was really cool. Very impressive. The ceilings were so high my eyes couldn't focus on the top -- the ceiling seemed to go on forever. Now there's a cathedral for you.
Also, the pipe organ was amazing and we got to sing a hymn to it (because they were having a communion service). I am not really big on high church as my main mode of worship, but there definitely is a place for rituals in Christian life, and the Catholic and Anglican churches do a good job of having rituals that have been the same for awhile. Saw also this guy/street performer who was singing with his dog (the dog was howling). It's cool too how the Starbucks' here are in really old buildings and are two stories. The US needs to have some two story coffee shops. That would rock.


Apr. 23rd, 2006 08:01 pm
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15 April:

Just got done with the Warwick adventure which turned out to be the busiest weekend ever for Warwick Castle. They were having this special siege with a trebuchet (Figure A) and other crazy things so it felt like disneyland but with really old stuff, because of the lines. We climbed up this mound built in 1068 by orders of William the Conquerer to look at the trebuchet firing a fireball (Figure B, but unfortunately you can't see the fireball)
I like writing the word trebuchet. I would like to start it at the beginning of a sentence so I could capitalize the T, but then that would be silly.
We climbed up over 500 steps to look atop the walls of the various towers (Figure C).
Man, I would not like to have been the paige boy or whoever had to make those stairs their daily commute. Warwick Castle is probably the most quintessential Medieval castle, which means it's heavily touristized. Yes, I did just use "tourist" as a verb. Right now we are waiting at the Laemington Spa train station to catch the train back up to Leeds. There's this old broken down office building across the street with graffiti on it where some gang or group of homeless people is hanging out. From what I can gather with this observation, Laemington Spa isn't much of a tour destination. But then, towns are never very seemly by train stations or highways.
Had a steak and onion pie for dinner and it was delish. It was at this small little place in Warwick where my head almost touched the ceiling. It was cute.


Apr. 23rd, 2006 02:51 pm
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14 April:

It's good friday and so I guess most things will be closed. Yesterday was fun. We walked all around Oxford and saw really old stuff. It's a great city. We went punting:

with Sara's Tolkien friends and I tried to punt but gave up when I almost lost the pole. The Russians (Maria and Nicolay who are in the above photographs) we are staying with are very nice. It's funny/cool because they are both studying Old English and they have Tolkieny things like maps and insignias all around their house, which is very cosy and British-like. What's fascinating to me is that they have this row of single pine cones in jars all along the window sill in their sitting room. I haven't yet figured out what it means or signifies. more in cut )
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the next of my journal entries from my vacation:

13 April --

The bus was really late to the Leeds airport. And we had to walk a good distance to Sara's flat, but her peeps are really nice. Shaun is a sweet boy, indeed. It was bloody cold last night. I felt bad too because I fell asleep RIGHT away and snored because I was so tired. I think it was a good 32 hours that I had been awake. When I was taking a shower, I closed my eyes and it felt like the shower was going up and down. So trippy. That's the most sleep deprived I've ever been. Now we're on the train going to Oxford. Yay! More old stuff! We're passing through the countryside and it seriously looks like the Hetty Winthrop or Keeping up Appearances shows and its as green as I expected it to be. All the houses are that brick and they are smushed together.
It was good to see Shawn (first cousin who visited) last night. He had an Abraham Lincoln beard and was the most hyper I've ever seen. He's normally very subdued. I think it's so funny that we're related to him. We're like total opposites, which him being a tree-hugging vegan and me being a honey-ham-chicken-fish-steak meat eater. I do like trees though.
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I was originally going to backdate the entries where I talk about the trip, but I decided not to and instead I will just put in italics what I wrote in my celtic journal, but I'll make a separate entry for each day, including pictures that illustrate what I'm talking about where relevant. I'll probably also make sufficient grammar corrections as there are a lot of mistakes because my brain was going faster than my hand. That always happens, which is why I like the computer. Anyway, here I go:

airport extravaganzas )
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taken from [ profile] neytaritook

Put itune whatever player you have on random and answer the questions with the song chronological order. You can't pick which one sounds best for the question (that's what I did anyway).

Where do you live: "Blue Orchid" - The White Stripes
Describe your first love: "Anduril" - Howard Shore O.o
What is your favourite thing to do: "John Woo" - The Newsboys (Oh dear...I do not believe I've ever "done" John Woo before. I haven't even met the guy)
Describe your current love/crush: "Father, Blessed Father" - Newsboys (Oh dear, this is wrong on SO MANY levels)
What do you like to wear: "interlude" - relient k (I wonder if that's supposed to be a euphemism for "in-the-nude")
What is your challenge: "All You Want" - Dido (hmm...)
Who are your friends: "Finale" - Danny Elfman (they're all dead??? *sobs*)
Describe how you look: "Red Hot Metal" - The Wicked Tinkers (yeah baby!)
What did you do last night: "Sacrifice" - Tree63
What is your goal in life: "Worldwide" - Tree63
What do you do when you're angry: "Sparks" - Coldplay (yeah that's scared)
When do you have sex: "Secret" - Fruit's Basket Soundtrack
How do you want to die: "Come My Way" - Skillet (so I guess that means you kill me or something)
What do you say to your parents: "Pilgrim" - Enya
Where do you hang out: "Brand New Colony" - Postal Service (LOL!)
What do you think of society: "Two Sisters" - Clannad
Describe your most recent heartbreak: "Wallop the Cat" - the Wicked Tinkers (LOL)
What is your excuse for everything: "Need" - the Benjamin Gate
What are your thoughts on a Friday evening: "Hallelujah" - Newsboys (damn straight!)
What is your unanswered question about life: "I Don't Belong" - Kevin Max (and I suppose a question mark would follow that statement)
What is your favourite colour: "Mother Africa" - Hans Zimmer
What is your advice to the those less experienced: "Lift Me Up" - The Supertones
What would you rather do right now: "Take My Hand" - Dido
Describe your best friend: "Coming Down" - Skillet (aw sad)
What's under your bed: "Cornelius" - Newsboys (LOL)
What is your most prized possession: "Forsaken" - Skillet
Where will you honeymoon: "Sooner or Later" - Switchfoot (I'm an undecisive person)
What is on your to-do list: "Somewhere a Clock is Ticking" - Snow Patrol
Where would you rather be: "Universe" - Rebecca St. James (Yeah, but which one??)
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The Screen Writer's Guild is hosting John August, the screenwriter for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Big Fish, and Corpse Bride, among others on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9 at 7:30 PM. I know this is really early but I just got the e-mail and thought I'd broadcast it as soon as possible. Methinks they sent it out early because tickets are likley to be sold out pretty quickly. To get tickets go here: I know I want to go! It is $20 for general admission and $10 for students. Here's the location and description of the evening:

Writers Guild of America, west, on the 2nd Floor - Corner of Third & Fairfax
Free parking available under the building - garage entrance on Blackburn Ave.

"Writers On Writing is an intimate interview with top screenwriters about their careers, their approach to their craft, artistic challenges they've faced and tactics for success in a difficult industry. The second part of each seminar includes an audience Q & A."

Beth, I'm thinking of you for and I should try to go together!
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for anyone interested, Douglas Gresham - co producer of the Narnia movie and stepson to C.S. Lewis - is coming to Biola University to speak at the gymnasium at 11:00am. A 1:15 book signing will follow (Has he written a book?)

More details found here

Btw, "Dr. Todd Pickett" mentioned there is one of the professors I always rave about. He's the spiritual, "touch your soul with a glance" type of person. I <3 him!
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Oh how I love fan fiction. (Yeah I should be writing my shakespeare paper...oh well). I actually wrote most of this little bit last night. I just wanted to revise it some. Would you like to read it? Warning, it contains HUGE Book 6 of Harry Potter spoilers, and will make more sense if you have read my fanfiction, but you can still get the general idea. I just want to know if it's good or if it's too much (too dramatic). But it comes after a very emotional turning point so it has to be emotional. Anyway, follow the cut if you so desire.

the consequences of choice )

Btw, I do not know where Spinner's End is located, but I don't think it matters too much with apparation...
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more fun quizzes as I write...I am inspired so I'm sitting here like a loser on a friday night...writing...oh well....

You Are 50% Weird

Normal enough to know that you're weird...
But too damn weird to do anything about it!

You Are 50% Boyish and 50% Girlish

You are pretty evenly split down the middle - a total eunuch.
Okay, kidding about the eunuch part. But you do get along with both sexes.
You reject traditional gender roles. However, you don't actively fight them.
You're just you. You don't try to be what people expect you to be.

Your Inner Child Is Happy

You see life as simple, and simple is a very good thing.
You're cheerful and upbeat, taking everything as it comes.
And you decide not to worry, even when things look bad.
You figure there's just so many great things to look forward to.

You Should Learn French

C'est super! You appreciate the finer things in life... wine, art, cheese, love affairs.
You are definitely a Parisian at heart. You just need your tongue to catch up...
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blah blah...

Your Personality Profile

You are elegant, withdrawn, and brilliant.
Your mind is a weapon, able to solve any puzzle.
You are also great at poking holes in arguments and common beliefs.

For you, comfort and calm are very important.
You tend to thrive on your own and shrug off most affection.
You prefer to protect your emotions and stay strong.

That's interesting!
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For any of you, after reading Book 6, felt that Snape was actually working for Voldemort all those this:

SO many points I did not even consider when I was despairing. There has GOT to be more than just a simple "he's evil" answer. I'm not buying it. Nope. No way...

I think I am inspired to re-write and rearrange my fanfiction a bit...:-)


Aug. 28th, 2005 10:38 pm
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the Plato reading is not going so well...he's basically saying the same things over and over....but it's kinda funny...I like how he does dialogues.

I'm reading Ion btw...
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I made more dolls....for my medieval/fantasy book with numerous characters. The dollmaker site helps me get a frame of reference for the general features I envisioned for my female leads, but....the site has limitations (ie: everyone has the same skin tone and basic facial features). Whatever. It's fun. Hehehe...

Here's the doll, modernized version of Kendra, one of the main girls in the book. With a fiesty attitude. She would look less girly than this, but these are her general features:
Image hosted by

And then Brenna - the sweet, innocent one who kind of gets taken advantage that too much of a cliche? Well, she won't totally lose her innocence. She'll just become wiser.
Image hosted by

She looks really pink doesn't she? Oh looks good on her. And it was hard not finding a slutty thing for her to wear that wouldn't contradict her character. I wanted to show she has curves and is attractive, but she doesn't show it off...or when she does she's doesn't realize (or maybe she does? More layers to sweet Brenna? I think maybe so...)

And then for fun:
Image hosted by
A dolled, modernized Luthien. Do you guys get the star imagery? Her hair has stars in it!

Ok I'm done....but that was fun. Now I need to do real work (ie: read Plato...)
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so I made some harry potter themed dolls. It was so fun....but hard to try to make a Snape. I made Saia, according to the best visual I had in my mind, and with the limited resources of a doll site that makes everything look a bit Asian. But it works with my made up Saia character because in my fan fic she's 1/4 Japanese. Here's the end result:

Image hosted by

Bwahaha doesn't the Snape one make you laugh? He's all like...tough...but still looks kinda girly...which is probably not how the real snape looked like when he was a kid, but hey...he might have worn something like that...especially that hair. Hahahaha...I think he looks cute. I really like Saia's outfitt. I had trouble with the eyes though. Isn't she gorgeous? ;-)

Dude I should do this for all my book characters...
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you know...I've only read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix once (which is probably bad because I'm forgetting a lot of things about it), but you know what....I've decided I really don't like Luna Lovegood. She has no personality. Her personality thus far is defined solely by the fact that she mades odd, off-hand comments and looks like there's not much left in the upper room. Now, for some reason, this has given her a bunch of followers. I think because of the fact that she's "different" and thus this makes her a likeable character. Um...well...I'm sorry but in order for me to like a character they actually have to have a personality. I HATE when people are just defined as "going against the crowd" and this somehow makes them a good character. Luna is NOT a good character. She's one-sided and empty. She's weird just for the sake of being weird. And if Rowling doesn't expand her character but somehow still manages to give her a prominent role...oh...there will be a mad person over here. Very mad. And if Rowling even THINKS of making her go with Harry...oh my goodness then she has sunk to new depths.

Now, I'm very aware that she could very well develop Luna's character and give her actual feelings....but as of right now, she doesn't. She's just a vapid girl with little brains and less sense. But I'm saying this because all of the books have been written in Harry's slant or perspective. I mean, that's why we weren't able to see Snape as just a sour old guy until this book (which is one of the reasons why I can bear to read it) - we were seeing Snape from Harry's bent, even though it's an omniscient telling...we only get to see as much as the narrator will show us...and as the main character is Harry, we see things mostly from his point of view. That's why I think Luna has room to grow - Harry doesn't know her that we don't know her that well. At least that's what I'm hoping. I hate when authors lead us to believe a character is important, but then never develop that character. Hmph. I'm in a sour state of pessimissim, because I believe Rowling might do just that - just to irk people. Haha...
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